We help legal cannabis businesses increase

their profits and reduce their tax exposure.

Cultivate Consulting Co. provides cannabis businesses with specialty 

accounting solutions, income tax services (U.S. only), CFO and / controller services, and business system implementation, filling a clear void in

the fast-paced, evolving industry. From grow operations and seed-to-sale businesses to dispensaries and beyond, we help cannabis operations

achieve success-driven management while working within the stringent regulatory environment. 


Committed to putting the confidence in cannabis, we have a proven

track record of helping companies establish a solid foundation in this

highly competitive space. We utilize the latest cloud-based technologies and ninja-like accounting skills to improve business efficiencies and

ensure best practices are implemented. The result: peace of mind, streamlined operations and improved profitability. 



We are experts in the field: we know all aspects of the niche, 

the accounting, tax, politics, operations, products, risks. 

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Andrew Gervais, CEO

Andrew has a dual  BA in business management

and HR with over With over 15 years of experience running businesses in Maine, New York, and now the Seacoast of NH that require significant inventory and human capital management. 


Andrew grew up in the St. John Valley area which is now home of one of Maine’s largest grow facilities and dispensaries and has significant knowledge of the industry and product.  Andrew focuses on inventory management, growth cycle costing and human resources services for your business so that you can focus on what moves the needle for your business!

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Christine DeAngelis, CPA & CFO

Christine has been a licensed CPA in New Hampshire since 2010 using her skills to help small businesses grow and achieve their fullest potential. 


With a Master’s degree in accounting, in addition to years of experience both in public accounting as well as serving as the CFO for large private organizations, Christine has the knowledge base to provide comprehensive accounting and consulting services to Cultivate’s clients. In response to her own struggle with chronic migraines Christine researched the endocannabinoid system and learned how phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant could treat a myriad of health conditions with a high level of efficacy. 


Cultivate is the accumulation of Christine’s love for the cannabis plant, holistic health, and her passion for serving small business owners by facilitating their growth and prosperity.


We have a world class system for protecting your assets and maximizing their value: perpetual data room, month end system, etc.

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We maximize your cash by minimizing your tax liability under IRC 280e and 471 specific to the industry.  We provide real tools to maximize your ROI through cash forecast models, useful analytics, dashboards and budgeting tools.

We protect you from loss.  What is the value of surviving an IRS audit 5 years in the future?  What is the value of protecting you from a lawsuit from an investor? What is the value of helping you remain compliant with lenders, the State, and other regulatory bodies?



We are so excited to be joining forces with Fight for the Forgotten. We donate 10% of all profits to this incredible organization! Through his Fight for the Forgotten initiative, Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren is fighting to empower those who don’t have a voice – from the forgotten people around the world affected by the water crisis, to the bullied in our own neighborhoods and schools.