Ever have those questions you just wish you could get an answer to quickly? That’s what Nora was created to help with!

Nora-Your Biz Advisor is trained to answer your general questions and taxes, accounting, inventory, budgeting, cash flow, and human resources.

Now, Nora doesn’t know everything…or why would you need an expert?

But she is pretty cool and very helpful. She will let you know if she recommends that you meet with an expert.

Try her out! She is completely free, and ready to help you.

*Disclaimer: Nora- Your Biz Advisor is not intended to replace professional guidance from a CPA or business advisor. By using Nora- Your Biz Advisor, you consent to understanding that Nora is a customized bot that provides guidance within the limits of her knowledge and that Cultivate Consulting is not liable for incorrect information.

At Cultivate Consulting Group, we understand that you want to achieve lasting financial stability that leads to the legacy you envision for your company and family. The problem is traditional CPA firms are not known for proactive communication, which leads to uncertainty when it comes to your business’s tax efficiency and financial standing.
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