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Why Your Startup Needs a CPA

I loved this April article from the Huffington Post. It highlights some great points about why start ups should consult with an accountant, and might I add, an attorney. It’s [...]
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Were IRS Refunds to Trulieve Strategic?

Were IRS Refunds to Trulieve Strategic? It came as a surprise to many, tax professionals included, when Trulieve announced that they had received 113 million of the 143 million in [...]
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Rescheduling – What’s the Impact?

As it starts to seem more imminent that we may actually see real cannabis law reform this year, a lot of questions remain surrounding what the impact will be to [...]
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Why You Need a Contract CFO

It’s not uncommon for me to hear the question “so what exactly does a CFO do?”. The position of Chief Financial Officer however, has become increasingly more critical in the [...]
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10 IRS Red Flags

Clients always ask, is this going to result in me getting audited? The truth is that we never really know. Some audits are randomly generated, some are more likely based [...]
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Should You Pursue 280(e) Refunds?

On the heels of Trulieve filing for over $143 million in tax refunds, the cannabis world is all waiting with bated breath to see whether or not the canna giant [...]
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Labor Compliance Updates: January 2024

Maine Maine Minimum Wage Increases to $14.15 Effective January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Maine increases from $13.80 per hour to $14.15 per hour under an annual inflation adjustment [...]
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Tax Planning for Gig Economy Clients

Post-COVID, more people than ever are freelancing, finding remote work, or maybe they started a fashion blog, but no matter what the newest trend is, the gig economy is here [...]
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Not Enough Canna CPAs

On the heels of the AICPA’s 2023 Agriculture and Cannabis conference, little improvement has been made in the cannabis industry in terms of accurate accounting and tax reporting. While the [...]
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